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AI Copywriting is revolutionizing the way content is created. AI can create content for blogs, articles, websites, social media and more.


How it work?

You need to follow a few simple steps to generate your content. Use the AI and save your time.


Select a template

Choose a content creation template. Multiple templates are available for your all needs.


Fill the form

Enter a detailed description of your content. Tell the AI what
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Get your content

Get a unique high quality content. The content is plagiarism free and you can use it anywhere.

Ai Content Writer

Generate your required content with over 60+ content creation templates.

Blog Ideas

Article/blog ideas that you can use to generate more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

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Blog Intros

Enticing article/blog introductions that capture the attention of the audience.

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Blog Titles

Nobody wants to read boring blog titles, generate catchy blog titles with this tool.

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Blog Section Pro

Write a few paragraphs about a subheading of your article.

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Blog Conclusion

Create powerful conclusion that will make a reader take action.

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Article Writer Pro

Create a fully complete high quality article from a title and outline text.

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Article Rewriter

Copy an article, paste it in to the program, and with just one click you'll have an entirely different article to read.

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Article Outlines

Detailed article outlines that help you write better content on a consistent basis.

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Talking Points

Write short, simple and informative points for the subheadings of your article

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Paragraph Writer Pro

Perfectly structured paragraphs that are easy to read and packed with persuasive words.

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Content Rephrase

Rephrase your content in a different voice and style to appeal to different readers.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ad copies that make your ads truly stand out.

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Facebook Ads Headlines

Write catchy and convincing headlines to make your Facebook Ads stand out.

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Google Ad Titles Pro

Creating ads with unique and appealing titles that entice people to click on your ad and purchase from your site.

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Google Ad Descriptions Pro

The best-performing Google ad copy converts visitors into customers.

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LinkedIn Ad Headlines Pro

Attention-grabbing, click-inducing, and high-converting ad headlines for Linkedin.

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LinkedIn Ad Descriptions Pro

Professional and eye-catching ad descriptions that will make your product shine.

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App and SMS Notifications Pro

Notification messages for your apps, websites, and mobile devices that keep users coming back for more.

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Passive to Active Voice Pro

Easy and quick solution to converting your passive voice sentences into active voice sentences.

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Company Vision Pro

A vision that attracts the right people, clients, and employees.

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Company Mission Pro

A clear and concise statement of your company's goals and purpose.

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Company Bios Pro

Short and sweet company bio that will help you connect with your target audience.

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Startup Name Generator Pro

Generate cool, creative, and catchy names for your startup in seconds.

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Email Subject Lines Pro

Powerful email subject lines that increase open rates.

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Emails V2 Pro

Personalized email outreach to your target prospects that get better results.

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Emails Pro

Professional-looking emails that help you engage leads and customers.

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Rewrite With Keywords Pro

Rewrite your existing content to include more keywords and boost your search engine rankings.

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Pros and Cons Pro

List of the main benefits versus the most common problems and concerns.

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Text Extender Pro

Extend short sentences into more descriptive and interesting ones.

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Questions Pro

A tool to create engaging questions and polls that increase audience participation and engagement.

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Answers Pro

Instant, quality answers to any questions or concerns that your audience might have.

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Definition Pro

A definition for a word, phrase, or acronym that's used often by your target buyers.

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Bullet Point Answers Pro

Precise and informative bullet points that provide quick and valuable answers to your customers' questions.

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Stories Pro

Engaging and persuasive stories that will capture your reader's attention and interest.

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Summarize for a 2nd grader Pro

Translates difficult text into simpler concepts.

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Quora Answers Pro

Answers to Quora questions that will position you as an authority.

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Content Shorten Pro

Short your content in a different voice and style to appeal to different readers.

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Product Name Generator Pro

Create creative product names from examples words.

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Product Descriptions Pro

Authentic product descriptions that will compel, inspire, and influence.

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Amazon Product Titles Pro

Product titles that will make your product stand out in a sea of competition.

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Amazon Product Descriptions Pro

Descriptions for Amazon products that rank on the first page of the search results.

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Amazon Product Features Pro

Advantages and features of your products that will make them irresistible to shoppers.

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Social Media Post (Personal) Pro

Write a social media post for yourself to be published on any platform.

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Social Media Post (Business) Pro

Write a post for your business to be published on any social media platform.

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Instagram Captions Pro

Captions that turn your images into attention-grabbing Instagram posts.

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Instagram Hashtags Pro

Trending and highly relevant hashtags to help you get more followers and engagement.

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Twitter Tweets Pro

Generate tweets using AI, that are relevant and on-trend.

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YouTube Titles Pro

Catchy titles that attract more views and increase the number of shares.

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YouTube Descriptions Pro

Catchy and persuasive YouTube descriptions that help your videos rank higher.

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YouTube Outlines Pro

Video outlines that are a breeze to create and uber-engaging.

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LinkedIn Posts Pro

Inspiring LinkedIn posts that will help you build trust and authority in your industry.

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TikTok Video Scripts Pro

Video scripts that are ready to shoot and will make you go viral.

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SEO Meta Tags (Blog Post)

A set of optimized meta title and meta description tags that will boost your search rankings for your blog.

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SEO Meta Tags (Homepage)

A set of optimized meta title and meta description tags that will boost your search rankings for your home page.

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SEO Meta Tags (Product Page)

A set of optimized meta title and meta description tags that will boost your search rankings for your product page.

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Tone Changer Pro

Change the tone of your writing to match your audience and copy.

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Song Lyrics Pro

Unique song lyrics that will be perfect for your next hit song.

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Translate your content into any language you want.

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FAQs Pro

Generate frequently asked questions based on your product description.

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FAQ Answers Pro

Generate creative answers to questions (FAQs) about your business or website.

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Testimonials / Reviews Pro

Add social proof to your website by generating user testimonials.

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AI Image Generator

Here's our latest generated AI images.

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AI Chat Assistants

AI ChatBots use artificial intelligence to understand and respond to your questions and conversations. Chatbots are really helpful because they can give you instant and personalized help.

We offer a diverse range of specialized chatbots across various industries. Eg. Relationship Advisor, Bussiness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Lawyer, Doctor etc.

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Our Pricing Plans

We offer flexible pricing plans to suit the diverse needs of our clients.


Features of  Free
  • 14 AI Document Templates
  • 10,000 Words per month
  • 100 Images per month
  • 0 Speech to Text per month
  • 0 MB Audio file size limit
  • AI Chat
  • 0 AI Chat Bots
  • AI Code
  • Hide Ads
  • Free Support


$29.99/ Monthly
$119.99/ Yearly
Features of  Pro
  • 61 AI Document Templates
  • 100,000 Words per month
  • Unlimited Images per month
  • Unlimited Speech to Text per month
  • Unlimited Audio file size limit
  • AI Chat
  • 4 AI Chat Bots
  • AI Code
  • Hide Ads
  • Free Support

Any Questions? Answered

Here, we aim to provide you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our product.

Absolutely! Fluten can generate blog posts and website content on a wide range of topics, ensuring top-notch quality and relevance.

Yes, Fluten offers a free version with limited access. It's perfect for those who want to experience its benefits without committing to a paid plan.

Your privacy is a top priority. Fluten employs robust security measures to protect your data, ensuring it remains confidential and secure.

Absolutely! Fluten's paid plans cater to businesses, offering enhanced speed, quality, and customization options, making it ideal for professional use.

Fluten's speed ensures rapid task completion, while its quality guarantees accurate results. This combination boosts your productivity significantly.

Yes, Fluten is proficient in writing code for various programming languages, making it a valuable tool for developers. The paid version offers even faster code generation.

Fluten uses advanced algorithms and real-time analysis to produce high-quality code quickly. It minimizes errors and adheres to coding standards.

Yes, Fluten can generate engaging social media posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It streamlines your content creation process.

Content produced by Fluten meets professional standards and can be used for business blogs, website content, and social media campaigns, enhancing your brand's online presence.

Fluten is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users. Its intuitive interface simplifies the process of generating code and content.


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